I understand stand so much about life now than I did! Thank God i come from a strong background of studying The Bible!! Thank you Momma!!!  For you who don’t know my mom is a retired UM- Pastor. I have listened to my mother and study the bible  alot of different ways. I have read it, listened on tv, college courses, and other church’s. 

Life is a lot simpler than we make! You may say huh?? But it is! Live by the BIBLE! Believe in God! Once you start standing on your Faith and believing God ~~ HE will meet your needs and not compare yourself to any one else ~ then things will start getting better.

Quit blaming other people for what has happened i, including yourself! Turn it over to God and listen to him an start going forward. Remember to pray for peace, love and comfort for yourself, family, friends, and your enemies.

We have to get happy in our own heart & mind to be at PEACE!


I feel so BLESSED that GOD gave me and everyone FAITH!!!!!!!! Faith has given me the best peace anyone could ask for

I hope everyone gets it the the FAITH virus! Because it is so wonderful!

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